Easy to your security report

Easy to your security report

The AssetSec Setup Wizard

Easy to your security report

The AssetSec Setup Wizard

Easy to your security report

5 steps to your security report

With the setup wizard, you can prepare your scan in five easy steps. You are guided through the individual steps and receive the first report of your environment at the end.

  • 1. Create the task

    The first step is to name your task. The task forms the frame for all the following settings. You also select a scan mode. The mode determines how intensively the scan should check your systems.

  • 2. Defining the target

    Targets are used to define your public IP addresses to be scanned for vulnerabilities.

  • 3. Registration data & schedule

    Use credentials to perform an authenticated scan. In addition, you can schedule the task by creating a timetable. These steps are optional.

  • 4. Validate IP addresses

    Your registered IP addresses must be validated once. The validation ensures that only verified hosts are scanned.

  • 5. Receive report

    After all necessary settings have been completed, your scan will be started and you receive your first report. You will find all vulnerabilities found sorted by severity.

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